Israeli army ordered to reexamine first African American soldier death

Two years after the young soldier’s life was ended by a bullet to the head inside an Israeli air force base, the President of the IDF’s Military Court of Appeals has ordered an official investigation into the death of Toveet Radcliffe, the first African American to die while serving in Israel’s armed forces. The decision by IDF Major General Doron Feiles to appoint a judge to reinvestigate the circumstances of Radcliffe’s death is said to be the first ruling of its kind in over thirty years.

The decision to open up a new probe comes two years after Radcliffe’s death, and one year after the IDF completed its initial investigation, which determined that Radcliffe had taken her own life. Evidence collected by this reporter, confirmed by top crime experts, and presented at court by counsel for the Radcliffe family convinced Major General Feiles that further inquiry was necessary to ascertain the true cause of death.

On the night of 21 February 2015, 20-year-old Toveet Radcliffe died from a gunshot wound to her head while she was guarding a Patriot missile battery at the Palmachim Air Force, near Rishon Lezion. Almost a whole year later, in January 2016, the IDF closed its investigation into Radcliffe’s death, ruling that no other person had a hand in her demise.

Tonight, 1 June 2017, Reshet will broadcast at prime time a one-hour investigation into Toveet’s death, exposing mainstream Israeli audiences to the incident for the first time. In the first episode of their new documentary series on unsolved murder mysteries, “Case Under Investigation,” producers Limor Pinchasov and Eyal Blachson make a convincing case that Toveet Radcliffe was in fact killed, and that her killer has hitherto escaped justice.

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