How will candidates ensure the health of Dimona’s water supply?

Eleven lists will compete for seats on City Council when Dimona goes to the polls on October 22, and though they have all campaigned to convince voters to cast ballots in their favor, none have publicly proclaimed their position on the fate of Dimona’s drinking water. Although there are always many important issues at stake, this year’s municipal contest stands out as the most important in memory, since those voted in will decide whether Dimona’s water supply will continue to be fluoridated, or whether the practice will be halted.

Just a month after she was appointed to the position, Israel Health Minister Yael German (Yesh Atid) announced in April that in one year’s time, the responsibility of determining whether local water supplies should be fluoridated would be delegated to their respective city councils. Although some scientists promote the use of fluoride, claiming that it improves dental health, other scientists oppose its use, saying that it can have adverse effects on other bodily systems.

The Dimona Dispatch contacted all 11 parties running for office and asked them whether they intend to continue adding fluoride to the city’s water supply, or whether they plan to end the practice. Half of the lists got back to us by press time, and we have reproduced their answers below so that you can make an informed decision at the polls on Tuesday.


Rosh Tzair Lair
Moshe Malka
“I support the health minister’s decision to stop [national] fluoridation of water. Though it has some benefits, it can cause other problems.”


Chabad Kiruv Levavot
Nisim Chemo
“We can’t respond and we won’t make a decision without consulting with professionals.”


Dimona Beiteinu
Eli Bronstein
“We will study the topic with experts in the field. We will consider the instructions of the Health Ministry, who must have had reliable information when they cancelled it.”


Dimona Balev
Jackie Adri
“We will definitely oppose the continuation of the fluoridation of the drinking water supplied by Maayanot HaDarom.”


Tzeirei Dimona
Yehuda Betzalel
“It’s an important topic, but we haven’t studied it enough yet. We will learn about it, hopefully with public consultation.”


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